Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wednesday weigh-in (10/17/2012 & 10/24/2012)

Getting caught up on my weigh-ins! I have seen amazing changes in the scale!! I decided to start Weight Watchers online again about 3 weeks ago and I think it has made all the difference!!

10/17/2012 weigh-in = 171.6

10/24/2012 weigh-in = 167

Measurements for this week:
Waist = 34.5
Hips = 41

Huge victory for me!!


Nikki Dee said...

WOW!! Fantastic loss!! Way to go!

Pirate Mama ∞ said...

Thank you!! =) I'm so happy to finally see the scale budge...I will go follow you now!!

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