Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thanksgiving Thankfuls

November Brings 30 Days of Thanks

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the cool (er) weather, Starbucks Pumpkins Spice Lattes, and the holidays. I especially enjoy the month of November because I enjoy sharing the things I am thankful for and reading all the things that my friends are thankful for via various social media outlets. It makes me happy. It's good for my soul. I also think it is important to share with your loved ones what you are thankful for. Many times life is so busy that we forget to tell our friends and family how important they are to us, but this one month of the year EVERYONE seems to open up and share. I have done this the past few years via Facebook. I didn't really think it mattered to anyone but me. I just enjoyed doing it. The cool thing is last year I had a coworker who never posts on Facebook come up to me at training and tell me that he really enjoys reading all the things I am thankful for during November. It was pretty cool.

This year I stuck with my tradition of posting my 'thankfuls' on Facebook. There has been an overwhelming number of my friends who are also participating. The coolest part is my hubs is even participating this year. This is his Day 1 'thankful':

"Is thankful for my beautiful wife and three strong healthy boys."

It is so nice to see so many people who normally thrive on negativity post about the good things in their life. I truly love it. 

But with the good comes those who scrooge right up and seem to find a negative way to spin things. One of my friends posted the following comment:

"Wondering why we can't be thankful the other 11 months of the year?"

She obviously missed the purpose of the whole thing. Just because we share our 'thankfuls' out loud in November doesn't mean that we aren't thankful the rest of the year. It is just a time for us to share those things with our loved ones.  Life is so busy that sometimes we forget to tell our kids, spouses, parents, etc that we appreciate them. 

Take the time this month to share with your friends and family. Let them know how much you appreciate them. Life is good. Share happiness with others. BE THANKFUL!!


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